Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Legend of Jane of the Jungle

Deep within the Virunga jungle, Jane Porter had been running for her life from the Zinjhan Guardian for what seemed to be an eternity.  He was obviously playing with her, waiting for her to exhaust herself, which after an hour, finally happened.  Just an hour before, the daughter of the famed explorer, Stanley Porter, and her male warrior escorts, including her lover Tarzan, had been savagely attacked by the mythic creatures after they had unknowingly stumbled upon the Zinjhan burial ground.  As the young and beautiful English maiden ran along the banks of the river, she did not see the carcass of the dead python, which she suddenly tripped over and fell face down onto the muddy jungle ground, panting and exhausted, as behind her the giant pursuer slowed down, as she felt the pain of her now sprained ankle.

Because of her injured foot, Jane was now east prey as the powerful Zinjhan Guardian strode slowly to her and raised her up, lifting her by her waist, as she hung limply in his large muscular hands.  As she was lifted up the warrior queen struggled to free herself from the creature's grasp as he removed her Victorian garments, but her efforts were to no avail, for she was no completely exhausted physically and sensed that she was now going to meet the same fate as that of her guides, a very brutal death. After she and her men had unknowingly stumbled upon the Zinjhan graveyard, as they pursued a trail in search of her father, a swarm of Guardians descended from the tree tops and proceeded to crush the skulls of all her hired escorts; as she ran for safety into the dense jungle pursued like a jackal by her captor.

As Jane's body went limp in the creature's meaty clutches, her heavy lidded eyes tried to focus on him, as he sat down, still holding her by her waist, as she whimpered in fear for what she hoped would be a quick death.  However, the Zinjhan Guardian had other plans for the young maiden and raised her to just above his eye level, so that her breasts were even with his mouth.  The Guardian then extended his thick tongue and gently licked her left nipple, as Jane began to hit him weakly upon his head; however, the creature felt nothing as his rough tongue made wide circles around the naked queen's nipples; around and around, slowly, and tantalizingly.  Soon, as the beast's rough tongue made contact with her sensitive nipples, Jane noticed that her strikes against him were becoming fewer and weaker.

However, before she could protest, the creature took her breast into his mouth and suckled it, occasionally scraping his sharp teeth against her sensitive nipple, as for several long minutes he continued to methodically work her breast, the sensation of which caused the maiden's fear to slowly leave her, only to be replaced by a growing lust.

This mythic beast was working her like no man had ever done, as Jane began to squirm, as the sensations of lust  began to overcome her. As if on que, sensing and understanding her pleasure, the creature placed the maiden's other pale white brown breast into his mouth and repeated the actions, while at the same time her hands and arms, which by now had long since ceased their assault, slowly wrapped themselves around the creature's massive head, gently urging him on.  Soon the Guardian moved his mouth from breast to breast in turn, allowing the maiden's hands to let him know when to switch, while at the same time her pussy began to flow freely, as a sticky trail of her nectar ran down her inner thighs, a drop of which fell on the creature's massive cock.

Feeling the human female's moistness on his now fully erect cock, the Zinjhan Guardian repositioned her, leaning her back and raising her hips to his face, as he slowly licked up the sticky trail, following it back to its source. Jane, who by now had regained some of her strength, but was now in such an erotic state of mind that it did not bother her at all that she was being raped by such a savage beast, moaned out loud when the Guardian's tongue reached her pussy, and gasped when his tongue entered her moist hole, as he slowly tongue fucked her, making her cum several times, before he finally stopped and raised her week body back up.

As the giant creature raised her back up, Jane whispered "Please....please...", as he positioned her just above his massive cock, and then lowered her until her wet lips touched the massive head, smearing his emission upon her, mixing hers with his.  Then, as the creature held her tight, she grasped the turgid length of the thick grey veined cock and pulled herself downward upon it, crying out when it entered her, and continuing until almost a full foot was slowly inside of her, at which point she shuddered and grimaced as she tried to accommodate every inch of the thick bestial cock.

Still holding Jane in his meaty hands, the massive Guardian could see that his human mate had reached her limit, and effortlessly raised her up about 11 inches, then slowly lowered her again, which caused her to inhale slowly with the motion, and then exhale as he raised her up again and on his massive prick.  As the creature stretched her pussy to its full capacity, Jane knew that every sensation she had ever dreamed of was taking place inside of her now, for she had now found a creature which could satisfy her demanding sexual needs.

As Jane closed her eyes and arched her back, all the while she was impaled on the massive cock, she soon felt the pace being quickened, which in turn caused her to replace her slow breathing with loud gasps as she began to cum again and again, as beads of sweat poured off her body, and she saw, through her tears of passion a large group of Guardian warriors surrounding her and his mate.

By the time she had cum three times on his cock, she found she was able to take a bit more of him inside, but not before the feelings of  lust enveloped her Guardian lover, as she felt his movements becoming faster, stronger, deeper.  Soon, however, Jane could feel the imminence of her massive mate's orgasm, as his cock swelled even more inside of her, as he pounded into her savagely until finally she forced it out of him by rotating her hips as he moved in and out of her, as his thick cum exploded out of him and into her amid both of their cries of ecstasy, all the while he continued to fuck his human mate as his cum poured out of her pussy in torrents, mixed with her cum and a small stream of blood.  As the creature came, Jane quickly passed out from the experience while he continued to use her body as he emptied nearly a pint of cum into her overflowing pussy.

Finally, after calming down, and seeing his human mate unconscious, the Guardian pulled out of her and laid her over a log next to the river, as the men of his company, the ones who had brutally killed Jane's escorts, nearly an hour beforehand, watched their leader sexually enslave yet another human female with whom the tribe hoped would sire a Guardian child.  Spreading her legs widely, he shifted her hips until her ass pointed straight into the air.  He then bent over to lick her puckered flesh gently, allowing her to involuntarily relax her sphincter.  Soon, he saw her hips move in tandem, and he proceeded to mount her again.

Knowing she could not possibly take as much of him into her ass as she had her pussy, he inserted only a few inches in, and then slid back out.  Having gauged her limit, he slowly reamed Jane until he had cum twice, filling her insides with so much cum that it squirted out with his stroking.

He then turned her over, allowing her head to hang over the log, face up and mouth open.  The Guardian then stood over her and watched as she weakly pulled his softening cock to her mouth and took in his full wet cock head, as her tongue made hungry circles around it, occasionally probing into his urethra and sucking in his cum.  The act hardened him again, and after a minute, his juice oozed into her mouth, which she did not allow it to waste, as she swallowed it down hard as it came out and pumped his shaft to make sure that it was empty before it slipped from her lips.  Once limp, Jane took it with both hands and rubbed it over her face and mouth, worshiping its magnificence, for she knew that having a mere man would never again be enough......

Into the Darkness...

She was, and is, the most beautiful woman in the world, and this is her tale of a never ending erotic adventure across the Dark Continent. She is an ageless wonder whose petite frame and 36-25-35 measurements cause both men and women to stare with lust as she saunters through the station in her tight miniskirt and blouse, with only her backpack blocking their view of her lovely and enticing toned backside.  Her piercing blue eyes cause men to instant grow hard and women to linger as she unknowingly seduces them with her beauty and natural sensuality.  For the lovely Chloe, this train is where her erotic journey into the unknown begins as she seeks out to conquer the jungles of Africa and climb the highest mountains, just like her long lost ancestor, Jane Porter, in search of proof of the Lost City of Zinjh... 

The train slowly began to pull out of the station, as Chloe settled back for the long journey. She stared out the window as the small little town she had known all her life faded out of sight. Only now could she believe that she was really doing this, heading out on her own, toward the airport and then Africa. As the train began its journey, she began to think about her life, what she had done, and the truth she hoped to discover on this journey.

As she daydreamed she heard footsteps coming towards her. She looked up to see the best looking man she had ever seen. He reminded her of a cowboy, like the one she once saw on a billboard. As he walked by she couldn't resist staring. His broad shoulders, thin waist, and tight butt reminded her of feelings that she hadn't dared to think of in a long time. As the cowboy walked past, the smell of his cologne lingered and remained in the air.

Again her mind began to wander, but this time it wasn't about things past. Rather, things that she would like to do in the future, the very NEAR future. Maybe even with the tall handsome stranger who had now crossed her path. Nothing seemed beyond her reach at this point in her life.

As the sun went down, Chloe decided to take a walk. Wandering from car to car she came across a dimly lit room with a very large window. As she paused to watch the scenery whipping by she did not hear the door or the stranger come into the room. She was startled but not really afraid as a blindfold was slipped over her eyes and fastened behind her. She attempted to turn around but two strong arms wrapped around her pinning her to her spot. His lips were warm as they brushed her neck.

She could feel a mustache and smell the Stetson, the same lingering smell from earlier in the day. She tried to picture the cowboy’s face from behind her blindfold, to remember his hard body and feel his strong hands, the hands that were now releasing her to linger on her breasts. He cupped her breasts gently at first then started pinching her nipples through her blouse and bra. She knew she should be afraid, but this is what she had left for, wasn't it? For her the cowboy was just a taste of all the adventure, and excitement that she now desperately craved.

With ease he had unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra leaving her amble breasts open to the world in front of this big window. She felt him coming around in front of her. Felt his tongue begin to flick her nipples. Her pussy was so hot and wet. She knew it would not be long before he realized that she had no panties beneath her skirt, her own wetness would be dripping down her leg. He continued to tease her nipples licking them then biting them just enough to send waves of pleasure through her.

She had noticed a table in the corner of the room when she had entered. It was there that he now led her. Not saying a word, the cowboy turned her around and gently pushed her to the floor. She could hear him unzipping his pants and felt them fall onto her knees. Placing his hands on either side of her head he guided himself into her mouth. She took him with pleasure, running her tongue around the tip of his cock. Then sucking him in deep down her throat making him moan with pleasure. He started pumping her mouth until he couldn't hold it any longer. Shooting his seed into her mouth and onto her lips. As she sucked and licked up ever drop he reached down and removed the blindfold.

He was beautiful. His body was ever better than she imagined. Now she wanted to be fucked, and to feel his hard cock deep inside her. With little effort on her part she quickly got him hard again. "Now," she said, "It's your turn to please me." Bending over the table she lifted her skirt making her wet pussy very accessible. His cock slipped easily into her and began pumping her hard and fast. She loved the feeling of being fucked. The feeling of his cock filling her up, the feel of his balls slapping against her, the smell of sex, she loved it all!

She knew it wasn't going to take long for her to reach orgasm, but she didn't want to do it like this. She wanted to see his face. Jumping up on the table she pulled her legs up and he gladly returned to his hard, hot pace. That was all it took, watching him as he pounded her was just too much. She started to cum with such great intensity that she almost fell off the table. But he had a hold of her. Again he began to fill her pussy with his hot cum.

As they both began to come back to earth she could feel his hot cum running down her ass. She put herself somewhat back together, kissed his lips and excused herself to use the restroom in the next car, but when she returned, her cowboy was gone.

It was at that moment that Chloe began to realize that this is what an exciting life could be like away from her little town. As Chloe sat down and watched the scenery roll past, her fingers found their way to her still moist slit, as she smiled and silently thought to herself with the knowledge that her journey to the Dark Continent was one she would definitely enjoy and savor..

For Chloe, it was the chance of a lifetime, to travel to an exotic foreign land and hopefully live out an adventure few could dare dream.  Africa was calling her and so was the fantastic and orgasmic adventure that her great great great great aunt has written about over a century ago...

Preview- Chloe Meets Her Guide

Preview- Jane Porter's Jungle Encounter